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Dear Visitor! Here we collected to you our special offer to make your life better, more harmonious, wealthy and healthy. First we suggest you to order the all planetary yagya, in order to balance the effects of the planets, then please choose yagyas according to your idea for that aspect(s) of your life which you feel unbalanced the most. Moreover these yagyas are the most wanted types by our customers.

Have a nice yagya time!

This yagya helps you to stay healthy and gives protection against illness. Real health names physical and mental health and constant awareness of the Self.

Birthday yagya is for protection, prosperity, happiness and health for the year to come, and is good also for removing obstacles. We highly recommend this yagya to everybody. Please be sure to order this yagya for yourself or for the members of your family.

This yagya contains all the planetary yagyas. This is the perfect combination for increasing the auspicious effects of the planets and to decrease or stop the negative ones. Therefore this yagya supports you in all areas of your life, helps you to live a balanced life. This yagya is recommended...

This yagya is for the fulfillment of material desires, and to get divine wisdom. Laxmi, is the adobe of all auspiciousness, beauty, wealth, happiness, fortune, luxury, fertility and power. Participating in this yagya helps you to be happy, healthy, wealty. Laxmi help you to obtain good progeny,...

Life reading is our most popular vedic astrology service. We will send you an analysis with your present and approaching periods showing the main happenings, avoidable dangers, quarrels, changings, etc. We give you suggestions to all areas of your life you should make extra attention. We give...

This yagya helps you to find love. A love in which you find fulfillment with your lover can be the base of a stable life which is whole, happy, prosperous and successful.

Balanced mind gives you the chance for balanced thoughts, which leads to balanced acts. That is the secret for a nice life, for harmonious relations. Give up all your doubts, worries, expectations with the help of this yagya. This can be the base of your success in education or in work also.

Enlightenment is the highest state of human evolution. This yagya is for the devotees who would like to reach higher states of consciousness.

We send you free of charge yagya recommendation. Through yagyas it is possible to balance negative effects of life and to enhance positive ones.