Mind yagyas

With yagyas, with the study of vedic scriptures, with the company of holy ones people can attain of total purity of mind. The mind of the person who has gained the knowledge of the truth rests in total peace, but without this knowledge there is confusion, the mind is discursively jumps from one thought to the other, and finally the person loses all noble qualities like friendliness, wisdom, goodness, compassion. Let there be no sorrow in your mind, rest in inner piece and silence with mind yagyas.

The fullness of life is absolute and relative together. Realizing the absolute aspect of life, realizing the pure consciousness is the Self realization, which enowes you with all, which is the base of a harmonious, happy life. Self realization is the doorway to an enlightened life.

Balanced mind gives you the chance for balanced thoughts, which leads to balanced acts. That is the secret for a nice life, for harmonious relations. Give up all your doubts, worries, expectations with the help of this yagya. This can be the base of your success in education or in work also.

Enlightenment is the highest state of human evolution. This yagya is for the devotees who would like to reach higher states of consciousness.