Protection yagyas

The best way of protection is prevention, anticipation. There is a vedic saying about this: Prevent the danger which haven't come yet. However protection yagyas can be two kinds. One kind is the previously mentioned prevention yagya, and the other is the posterior yagya. It makes no difference whether you need protection from enemies or protection from illness, accidents or penalties, or any other not required effects, protection yagyas are available for you. You just need to choose.

This yagya helps you to stay healthy and gives protection against illness. Real health names physical and mental health and constant awareness of the Self.

If you would like to face the least obstacles in study, and would like to be a lucky student you have the possibility to enjoy the blessing and the support of nature with this yagya. This yagya helps in removing the obstacles and helps in promoting your study.

This yagya helps you to avoid or reduce penalties.

This yagya helps you to be victorious over your enemies, and help you to overcome enmity.

This yagya can protect you in special hard business cases. It is good to help you in unsolved problems, in competitor cases, in crisis, in money problems, etc...

If you feel that any of your family members need protection don't hesitate to order this yagya.

This yagya is good to choose if someone stand against your love or marriage, and also good when you feel that you need to enliven or protect your love or marriage.

This yagya helps you to have a child, and protects the mother during pregnancy and gives also protection when mother gives birth to child.

There are certain of cases when the danger is extraordinary, and a special yagya is needed for removing obstacles and for giving special protection. In these cases choose this yagya.