Enlightenment yagyas

Enlightenment yagyas help us to realise the truth. When this truth is clearly seen, the sorrow ends immediately. The unenlightened people don't realise this truth. They can't establish in equanimity and suffer. But thanks to the Masters of the Vedic Tradition who revealed us the true knowledge of life, saved us the yagyas, and showed us the way to an enlightened life. Now everybody is free to choose to follow this path. Jai Guru Dev!

The fullness of life is absolute and relative together. Realizing the absolute aspect of life, realizing the pure consciousness is the Self realization, which enowes you with all, which is the base of a harmonious, happy life. Self realization is the doorway to an enlightened life.

Enlightenment is the highest state of human evolution. This yagya is for the devotees who would like to reach higher states of consciousness.