Relationship yagyas

Relationship yagyas help to live in harmony with each other, help to balance all kind relations, and help to dissolve disagreements. The base of the harmonious relation is the harmony in ourselves. Harmony is increasing on the way to the realization of the Self with the more and more calmness states of the mind. Reach equilibrium and contentment in yourself, leave all doubts, conditions and impurity of your mind and you will live in harmony with the whole world. A harmonious person is the base of a contented family, a harmonious citizen is the base of a contented society.

This yagya helps you to find love. A love in which you find fulfillment with your lover can be the base of a stable life which is whole, happy, prosperous and successful.

Balanced mind gives you the chance for balanced thoughts, which leads to balanced acts. That is the secret for a nice life, for harmonious relations. Give up all your doubts, worries, expectations with the help of this yagya. This can be the base of your success in education or in work also.

This yagya is good to choose if someone stand against your love or marriage, and also good when you feel that you need to enliven or protect your love or marriage.

This yagya helps in putting an end to disagreements with your employer.

This yagya helps in putting an end to disagreements with your employee.

This yagya ensure harmony in family. Helps you to smooth quarrels and solve disagreements.

This yagya is recommended when you have difficulties in child rearing, or your relation is not problem free with your child or with your parents.

Choose this yagya when you would like to improve the level of harmony and union with your spouse or with your boyfriend, girlfriend.